About Paxcentric

Paxcentric supports government operations through the aggressive, principled application of private sector solutions to public sector needs by helping businesses bring their capabilities to the right place.

Bert Mizusawa, founder and president, is a West Point distinguished graduate and retired Army major general. He has extensive operational and institutional experience in the public and private sectors. Mizusawa commanded the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Afghanistan (CJIATF-A), an innovative organization designed to meet the challenges of modern conflict. He has served as a senior civilian official in both the executive and legislative branches as well as president of a technology and security firm. In his government roles, he directly advised the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Secretary of the Army, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mizusawa holds a JD from Harvard Law School, a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School and a Masters of Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. He is a member of the New York, District of Columbia, Virginia and US Supreme Court bars.